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Yes, herbs heal everything and herpes too is not an exception, but using herbs. Everyone will tell you a story about their experience of using herbs. Some will claim that tea tree oil works bets in herpes while others would say they had no outcomes with tea tree oil. However, on analyzing the research studies conducted, any one can say that herbs actually heal beautifully. Then why is there so much of difference in opinions? For some herpes patients, one herb works while for many others it gives no results. How is it possible? Simple answer to this is- herbs isn’t that easy as taking an over the counter medicine. Not every herb will work in every infection and not every herbal medicine will suit every human body. Yes, there is a tremendous healing potential in herbs, but you need to know how to utilize it. Everyone today is talking about the beauty and advantages of healing with herbs. But, there was a lack of standardization in the process of herbal healing. If we are able to bring in this standardization with the help of some herbal experts, the world will soon get rid of diseases. Well, the good news is that it has been done in the field of herpes cure, and today we have the best herpes treatment available for herpes using herbs.

We are talking about VSAHT: Verified and Supervised Alternative Herpes Treatment. Here, you can utilize the goodness of herbs in healing your infected body with the assistance of a team of herbal doctors. Yes, the team of doctors is specialized in using herbs specifically for curing herpes infections of all types. It is a program being run all across the globe exclusively for herpes patients. Now you may ask why at all we need such a program. We will see why VSAHT is the best alternative herpes treatment option, but, before that we should also see why we need it. Herpes is just like any other infection caused by a virus we call herpes simplex virus. It has various categories, but, since it is a sexually transmitted infection, there are many myths associated with it. The society has not yet accepted herpes as only an infection. Adding to all the myths associated with herpes is the fact that it is incurable with allopathic drugs.

Scientists have failed badly to find a cure for all the diseases caused by a virus and herpes definitely is one of them. However, since herpes simplex virus doesn’t leave your body once it enters, things become difficult. It is dreadful to live with a virus all the time inside your body and just the thought is scary enough. Yes, the truth is that the virus isn’t active all the time, but you are always living under a threat. This is the truth of herpes and also the struggle of every herpes patient. Some try to hide it while others just try to minimize its occurrences. Adding to the agony are the bad effects of antiviral drugs. The antiviral therapy prescribed by the doctor leaves a hole not only in your pocket, but also leaves some temporary and permanent damage to your body. And when the herpes sufferers fed up by wasting their money on ineffective antiviral drugs think of trying herbs, they have nowhere to start from. This is why herpes patients from all over the world needed VSAHT. Let us see what is VSAHT and then we will move to get an answer to what makes it the best alternative herpes treatment option out there.

VSAHT is a program that targets the herpes simplex virus living in human body with the help of herbs. The herbs used are not just random ones, but they are chosen as per the antiviral abilities available. In addition to the antiviral abilities of the herbal mixture used, in VSAHT- the best herpes treatment available, there is a team of herbal doctors that check the suitability of the herbs for your body. A team of doctors’ expert in the domain of treating herpes is going analyze your present health condition after examining your medical history. The experts dedicated to eradicate herpes simplex viruses of all types from your body will take care of your case and they will supervise the entire process of healing and recovering from the infection. We will see why VSAHT is the best herpes treatment option soon, before that, let us sees the three stages in the process of treating herpes with VSAHT.

Stage 1: In order to interact with the team of herbal doctors directly, you have to take prior appointment and choose the mode of interaction you are comfortable with. Yes, you can not only choose the time slot of consultation as per your convenience, but also the mode of consultation. The options available with VSAHT at present are

  • Video call
  • Audio call and
  • Textual consultation

So, if you feel directly talking to doctor is must for the treatment, you can go for audio or video call. And in case you are more comfortable with textual consultation, go on with this option. After selecting the mode of interaction and time slots, you will be asked to pay a nominal fee if the doctors are available during that time slot. In case there is a problem of availability, you will be asked to choose from the free time available. After paying the fees, your appointment as well as timings is confirmed.

Stage 2:Interaction with the team of herbal doctors via the mode of interaction you preferred is the next stage. Here, you will have a session of detailed discussion of your problem/ problems from past as well as present. To analyze your body type and suggest treatment that suits you, the doctor will ask you a few questions. You should pay attention and answer those questions sincerely as these questions will determine your final treatment. He will also discuss about your past health complications and medical history, if there were any. This is the major step and is meant for the doctor to understand how to start the treatment and what your body exactly needs. If you too have anything in mind, you will be given a chance to elaborate your problems in detail.

Stage 3: The last step of VSAHT- the best herpes treatment available is to get your personalized herbal prescription based on your interaction during the appointment with the herbal doctors. Yes, it is the last step of the process offered by VSAHT, but this is the beginning of your herpes treatment. You herpes treatment will start once you have the herbs and herbal medicines prescribed in hand. Yes, it is just the beginning because you will get medicines in this step.

By paying a nominal fee for consultation and investing a small amount in herbs to improve your health, you are actually saving a lot of your hard earned money that would be otherwise wasted on antibiotics. This is a way to secure future health and the process of treating herpes with VSAHT doesn’t end here. Next you will use the medicines and the doctors associated with VSAHT will communicate with you from time to time to supervise the entire process. This is why we call it verified and supervised alternative herpes treatment. The herbal doctors will keep a track of your improvement all through the treatment. If required, the doctors may change the set of herbal medicines given. This was all about VSAHT. Let us now see why VSAHT is the best alternative herpes treatment option out there.

  • VSAHT is the best herpes treatment available because it is verified by herbal doctors and scientists. It is a process that takes into account all the ancient medicinal texts as well as recent scientific findings and prescribe what is best according to both. So, you can be sure that it is not a scam or anything that won’t work. You will get what is best according to traditional medicines as well as modern research.
  • It is the best alternative herpes treatment available because you get supervision of herbal experts all through the process of treating herpes. It is not the case that you get consultation only once, but the doctors will keep a track of your progress through the entire process of healing. This is rare, and also one reason that makes VSAHT the best herpes treatment available.
  • You are going to get one or the other herb, and hence, you can save your body from side effects of allopathic drugs. This is really something for herpes patients who have been bearing all the adverse effects of antivirals for years because of lack of a standard way of treating herpes with herbs.
  • In addition to all this, you are going to get personalized prescription exactly according to the need of your body. Herbal medicines are not as simple as over the counter medicines and to make the most out of it, you need to get a specific treatment. VSAHT aims at providing you with that specific treatment, and hence we can say that it is the best herpes treatment available so far.
  • Your body is going to be treated with some of the healthiest herbs on the planet, hence you can expect some drastic improvements in your overall health. This is why VSAHT is the best alternative herpes treatment option out there. When all the other treatment methods are full of undesirable side effects, this best herpes treatment available assures a healthy future. Now you know what VSAHT is and also why it is the best alternative herpes treatment option out there. If you have herpes, you too can grab the opportunity and get a healthy herpes free life. So, with all the information and an experience with allopathic drugs and all other such treatments, you too can decide which is the best herpes treatment available and which one should you choose, right?