{food to avoid in herpes; food that helps HSV}

Confused about what to eat in herpes and what not? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Almost all the herpes sufferers live their lives in not one or two but many dilemmas. Sometimes I wonder what is more painful- herpes itself or the lack of awareness and the myths being circulated about herpes. Think about it carefully, nothing is defined unambiguously in case of herpes. When you get diagnosed with herpes, there are chances that you are absolutely clueless about its source. You keep on thinking from where you might have got it from, right? Next is the treatment for herpes. Some will tell you that herpes has no cure while others claim that it can be treated completely. Forget about treatment, it isn’t easy to get right and authentic information about food to avoid in herpes. Yes, there is no short of information about herpes, but that information will vary significantly from source to source. Since herpes is still not an openly discussed topic, you get to deal with all this. But, not anymore! Gradually more and more individuals are accepting herpes as just an infection. As a result the perspective of society has started to change, to ignite that change, we bring the list of food that helps HSV (herpes simplex virus). Based on scientific studies, After analyzing the composition of each and every food item commonly eaten and checking its reaction to herpes infection, we prepared a list of food to avoid in herpes.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection that causes a great chaos in your life. It takes your confidence down, negatively impacts your health and immunity, and isolates you from the so called normal life. However, with a few facts in mind, you can also live a normal life despite being infected with herpes. Although there are treatments to herpes that can give you temporary relief, also there are some recent inventions that totally controls the herpes simplex virus (that we will talk about in a short while), sometimes, just by picking up right food, you can change your life. This is true not only in case of herpes, but, otherwise as well, you should choose your diet in sync with your body. Whatever you eat should not only be healthy and full of nutrients, but it should suit your body type. However, in case of herpes patients, it becomes explicitly crucial because sometimes the food you eat determines your next herpes outbreak. By avoiding some type of food, you can actually delay your next herpes. So, without wasting much time, let us see what food to avoid in herpes. Next we will give you a list of food to avoid in herpes. After this, we will throw light on the new herpes cure emerging as a potent permanent solution.

  • Raisins
  • Peanut butter
  • Orange juice
  • Muffins
  • Cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Toast
  • Chocolate
  • Oats
  • Peanuts
  • Soy
  • Sesame seeds
  • Pastries

The basic idea followed while preparing this list of food to avoid in herpes is to stay away from food that is high in arginine. It is because in a number of studies indicate the ability of arginine to act as a trigger for herpes outbreak. Some were simple reviews from herpes patients, while others were clinical trials that examined the impact of arginine diet on herpes patients. All of them concluded that arginine surely has the power to trigger herpes outbreak. So, the list has food that has high percentage of arginine present in them. However, it was observed later on that arginine alone can be harmful. Unfortunately, many of our favorite breakfast foods are high in arginine and low in lysine. So, we have also included them in the list of food to avoid in herpes. But, many foods that are high in arginine but contain lysine in even higher amount could not influence the cycle of herpes outbreaks. In fact, if the lysine to arginine ratio was quite high, the food acted as a suppressor of herpes outbreaks. So, arginine alone was not the deciding parameter. This is why there was much doubt about the food that helps HSV. It is combination of several ingredients present rather that one governing the impact.

In addition to the food that either are high in arginine or have a low lysine to arginine ratio, you should also be cautious about eating sugar. Although there are no reports claiming that sugar triggers herpes outbreak, there are evidences showing its indirect involvement through the immune system. Immune system is the disease fighting capability of human body. While talking in context of herpes, it is the power responsible for variations in intensity and frequency of herpes outbreaks from one individual to other. If you have a high immunity, the herpes simplex virus will not be able to replicate inside your body, at least not too frequently. on contrary to this, a person with weak immunity will encounter herpes outbreaks with high intensity and very frequently. Since sugar works against your body’s immune system, you should add it to the list of food to avoid in herpes. In addition to this, herpes patients are also advised to avoid refined carbs. Food that hence automatically belongs to the list of food to avoid in herpes is:

  • White bread
  • White pasta
  • Processed baked goods
  • Sodas with high-fructose corn syrup
  • Alcohol

So, this was a list of food that helps HSV. Do you think it is complete? Well, there are some food that trigger herpes in a particular herpes patient and that can be told only on the basis of experience. However, one general contributor to herpes outbreaks is smoking. Excess of alcohol and smoking makes your body weak and susceptible to many health problems. if you have herpes simplex virus living inside your body, then herpes outbreaks are on the top of the list of diseases caused due to smoking. So, even before taking a note to the list of food to avoid in herpes, you have to take a firm decision on quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake. If you keep all this in mind, life is going to be easy despite being infected with herpes. Yes, you can live a normal life and herpes would not be able to interfere. Now you know the food that helps HSV, it is time to see a promising method to cure herpes that is trending in the herpes world. Yes, there are many products claiming big things about herpes, but this one is different. Based on the principles of ancient healing in ayurveda, herpoveda has reportedly healed thousands of herpes patients. So, you can too give it a try as it is all made up health and immunity enhancing herbs. There are no side effects of herpoveda because herbs used are taken directly from the places they actually grow.

Take care of the food to avoid in herpes, that is going to determine both- the time and intensity of your nest herpes outbreak, as well as your future health. So, if you were ignoring your dietary choices till now, please don’t do it anymore. Also try herpoveda, and it seems to be a perfect answer to herpes simplex virus.