{food for herpes patients; what herpes patients should eat}

With herpes come restrictions of all types. You cannot go out because you have cold sores on your face. Many times you are bound to take leave from work simply because of uncertain herpes outbreaks that hit you out of nowhere. The list is quite long and it is all because herpes is still least accepted in the society. All these will change with the change of mindset. We keep on blaming the society, but it is high time we realize that it is we who make the society. Hence, a herpes patient needs to accept it as an infection first. Anyways, this is just a different aspect that complicates the infection. But, there are a few restrictions that are actually permanent. They go only when the herpes simplex virus is gone from your body. yes, we are talking about dietary restrictions. If you were eating anything you felt like all this while, think again. There are foods that act as trigger for herpes and you should never eat them if you are carrying the virus into your body. Similarly, there are food that contribute to the suppression of herpes simplex virus and that is the food for herpes patients. Today, we will see what herpes patients should eat in order to live a normal life.

Apart from the list of food for herpes patient, we will also see a promising way to lift up this as well as all other restrictions. Yes, we are talking about getting a permanent solution to herpes. no more cold sores that make you look ugly and no more breaks from work. You won’t have to think much before eating anything because there is a potent way to disable the nasty virus permanently. Before that, let us see the list of food for herpes patients.

First of all, herpes patients should have more and more of fresh fruits and veggies. But, not all fruits and veggies are able to suppress the presence of herpes simplex virus. Hence, here is the list of food for herpes patients in fruits and veggies.

  • avocados
  • dried apricots and mangoes
  • beets
  • leeks
  • tomatoes
  • pears
  • green and red peppers
  • potatoes
  • broccoli
  • Carrot

Pick up some of them you like and make sure you have it in plenty in your diet. These minor changes in future are going to determine your next herpes outbreak. There are foods that act as trigger to herpes outbreaks. And it is also true the other way round. By adding the foods from the list of food for herpes patients to your daily diet, you are actually introducing a gradual poison for your enemy. Herpes simplex virus is not going to like the food for herpes patients, but your body will surely do.

Food that is high in lysine, and has a high lysine to arginine ratio if it contains arginine is particularly given to herpes patients. Some herpes patients take lysine supplements too. However, we advise you to keep yourself restricted to natural sources of lysine only. And there are plenty of options that doesn’t actually create a need for supplements. In case you have a doubt, following is the list of food for herpes patients that have a high lysine to arginine ratio.

  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Dairy products
  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Eggs
  • Beans

In addition to eating the food on the list of food for herpes patients, you should avoid grains, nuts, seeds, chocolate, coconut meat/flour and gelatin. Now you know what herpes patients should eat. But, have you wondered why? Why is lysine important for a body carrying herpes simplex virus? Why arginine should be avoided by any herpes patient. The simple reason is that the list of food for herpes patients contains food that influences human immunity. Herpes simplex virus is there is the human body and you know it is going to stay there. Antiviral drugs don’t really treat the body properly and leave a bunch of undesirable side effects. Considering all this, only one option is left, and that is raising your own immune power to a level where herpes simplex virus and no other micro organism can survive.

The fresh fruits, veggies, and the food rich in lysine all have a strong positive impact on immunity. Immunity is the determiner of the frequency, intensity and the duration of herpes outbreaks. Immunity is the factor because of which some people carry the herpes simplex virus in their body for years without any noticeable herpes outbreak. It is because of variations in immune power every herpes patient has a unique experience of herpes. So, if something can answer herpes, its your own immunity. Unfortunately, because of several factors, humans today are living with a collapsed immunity. This is an open invitation to many diseases, and herpes is one of them. Lysine improves your immunity in several ways, and hence lysine rich food is on the list of food for herpes patients.

This is the parameter taken while deciding what herpes patients should eat. In fact, even if you are not a herpes patient, you should take in food that improves your immune system to make it capable of fighting all the invaders. This is going to ensure a long term health and a longer life. anyways, this was all about the food for herpes patients. Now, let us see a promising way to keep the herpes simplex virus inactive. What happens after you are infected with herpes? Actually, the herpes simplex virus somehow manages to enter your body. Once it is inside, there is no antiviral drug that can kill it because of its unusual hiding capability. If you have a weak immune system, it will replicate frequently. Contrary to this is the human body with strong immunity. Herpes simplex virus will find it tough to replicate in such body. This will lead to no or fewer outbreaks. So, the only way you can deactivate the virus is by having a strong immunity.

Yes, the food for herpes patient we have listed above is going to help achieve the same. But, considering the health an average human being, it is going to take decades. This doesn’t mean you should stop eating what herpes patients should eat. However, you can take help from something like herpoveda. It is a natural product formulated specifically for herpes patients. herpoveda contain more than a dozen of powerful immunity enhancing herbs. Some of them also possess natural antiviral activities. Many patients who tried herpoveda have claimed to be living a herpes free life. Although it would be too early to decide what is true and what is not, after analyzing the list of herbs included in herpoveda, it can be easily said that you can live a herpes free life with the help of this natural product.

Your body is what you eat and hence you should pay attention of your diet. If you have herpes, your diet should include at least some from the list of food for herpes patients. Even if you don’t have herpes, all these food for herpes patients can help you raise your immunity.