About Us

Our Approach & Our Goal

As mentioned on the homepage of our website, VSAHT was created to help people get better solution for herpes. Our approach from the 1st day have been to provide a strong, reliable and effective treatment system to herpes patients so that they can take advantage of what nature and nature based products have to offer. We have taken into account all the reasons why modern medical science was not able to give relief to herpes patients and tried to make sure that our treatment protocol covers all those points.

But, at the same time our mail goal has been to take nature based alternative herpes treatment to the masses. Due to the fact that people know little about it, and they are skeptical about it, and the pharma co. try hard to lobby against it, so it was looking difficult for people to put aside the uncertainties and the fears and go for natural options. That is why we decided to create a verified and supervised herpes treatment system where patients first have the opportunity to actually talk to problems and share every tiny details to our doctors who only after carefully looking at every major and minor factor finally decide what treatment program is going to be most suitable to the concerned patient and which herbal combination and medicine is going to be given to the patient. The approach of personalized treatment has really made VSAHT successful and really popular among the masses.

Meet our growing Team

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Y.K. Tripathi


Dr. Kavita Singh


Dr. Nikhila Singh


Sudhansu Semwal

(B.Pharma) Pharmacist




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Dinesh Patel

Web & Technical Expert

There are other and equally important members of our team who can’t be listed here. Every member of our team knows his role and responsibility and they give their 100% to make VSAHT a success.