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For the past 40 years or so, from the time herpes was discovered as a separate disease, conventional treatment for herpes has left patients disappointed and agitated. Regular visits to the doctor, who gives the same pills and antiviral everytime, and tells you that this is going to be the story pretty much for the rest of your life. How disappointing is that, and yet this has been the trend since last 40 years or so. And on top of that, these pills have given severe side-effects to many patients, some lost their kidneys and liver while others lost their hair. As this trend of frustration of continued for decades, first slowly and then rapidly a demand for an alternative option started. An alternative that was safer and more effective. An alternative that was affordable and easy to implement.

Alternativegenerally means the other option,
But in case of herpes & it’s treatment,
Alternative seems to be the only option,
The only practical & viable option

Initially many alternative solutions came up from here and there but most of them proved to be fruitless. While some of these were cons and scams others had safety issues and there was a lack of credibility due to which most of the people did not feel secure going for it.

All these factors led to the development of Vsaht World’s First Alternative Herpes Treatment System Verified & Supervised by doctors and experts.

Vsaht not only provided an alternative & natural solution for herpes patients but it’s more important goal was to give a safe, credible and trustworthy option. And that is where Vsaht has made the difference, as it consists of verified herbal and mineral ingredients, but more importantly it is given under the supervision of our doctors who are certified alternative medicine practitioners. This has provided a sense of security and safety as well as credibility to Vsaht. The fundamental principle of Vsaht is rather than one solution for all, it is based on personalized treatment for every patient. So, at first every patient has to consult our doctors, who take a good look at patients status and history and other details and then devise a treatment plan suitable to the needs of that patient. And that is why hundreds of people every day are able to start with Vsaht without any worry. Book your consultation now and start with Vsaht. To know more about how to get started with Vsaht, see below.


Verified & Supervised Alternative Herpes Treatment

World’s 1st Natural Alternative Herpes Treatment

Verified & Supervised By Our Doctors & Health Professionals

Only safe, effective & productive herbs have been used that work great in herpes

Many people including celebrities are following and taking benefits from it

Boosts immunity & gives compability to fight diseases & pathogens

Takes care of nerve cells where herpes virus resides & reduces the risk of Alzheimer, parkinsons etc.

Low on cost than Conventional medicines

Very Easy to start and follow


How to start with Vsaht

Let us give you a glimpse of the procedure that our patients follow and how exactly you can start with Vsaht


Step – 1 Book Your Appointment

That’s right, this is the first step you take. You can click the book appointment icon on our site. You will be taken to the appointment form page where you will be required to enter your details.

Please note :- The consultation fees is 9$ (for 45 min consultation) and it is supposed to be paid at the time of booking.

Step – 2 Booking Confirmation

Upon receiving your booking request, you will get a confirmation email from us within a day or two about the finalized details of the appointment, including date, time and other details. Normally we try to allot suitable time slots to everybody but we receive 100s of request everyday and sometimes people don’t get suitable time slots but don’t be worried about that.

Step – 3 Consultation with Our Doctor

After booking confirmation, you will get live consultation with our doctor at the scheduled date and time and via your choice of media. This consultation will last upto 45mins and our doctors will ask you various questions regarding your health also reports that might be helpful.

Step – 4 Starting the Treatment

After consultation, our doctors will prepare your prescription of herbal and herbomineral medicines and herbs, your complete treatment program and also diet program. If you would like to start the treatment then you would be asked to pay for the herbal medicine cost, everything else would be free of cost.